Match Review: EU Week 1

A Question Momentum

The first map was Mountain Fortress, with Irish Rebels starting as Vaegirs and Random Potatoes as Rhodoks. The rebels took the lead quite quickly, thanks to a double kill from both their archers, Virus and Yona, but Random got the flag spawning on them in the second round and everyone did step up from their team to make it even at 1-1, assisted by an unlucky teamkill from Dragz. From this point on, Random built up their momentum and didn’t give IR the chance to come back, taking a 3-1 on the first side despite two more double kills from Sebe and Virus during the third round.

Mountain Fortress was too much of a problem for Irish Rebels

On the second side, teams switched factions and spawns, and in a similar fashion, IR took the first round flawlessly, only dropping one player to the enemy team, with Dragz leading the charge and getting himself a double as infantry. Unfortunately, they were yet again unable to prevent Random to get the second round, answering in the best manner by a perfect round win and two kills each from both Bruce and Thorr, keeping all their 8 players alive and resetting IR‘s economy quite harshly. Third round saw IR taking a slight gamble on the flag and despite it paying off, they were not quite capable of winning those infantries fights, allowing Random to snowball the fight, without dropping a single player. Being on low money, IR was unable to stop Random from getting the last round of the second side, and the last of the first map aswell, putting Rayden & Co in a solid position going into the second map.

Potential Comeback

Reveran Village could have been quite the same story, as it started off with the usual way, IR picking up the first round as Sarranids with a strong performance from Dopey, and Random just equalizing things as Swadia, thanks to a team effort, this despite a triple from Firunien, one of IR‘s horseman. Being 5 rounds down, 3-7, IR knew they were quickly running out of options. However, on the third round, their set up with three infantries as Sarranids finally payed off and for the fourth time in the match, they took the lead in a set, and this time, managed to capitalize on it, closing the third set out on a 3-1 scorline, Eder and Virus both adding another double kill to their statistics.


With Random still being up by 2 rounds and only one set remaining, Irish Rebels had to take all three rounds without losing one to decide the match in their favour. Yet again they took the first round, this time due to outstanding play from their cavalries. However, their just gained momentum was not enough to prevent Random Potatoes from securing a draw in the second round, with Thorr picking up a triple kill in the infantry fight. And just like on the closed map, Random did not give Irish Rebels a chance to come back, finishing the set 3-1 with the solidity they are known for. Relax stepping up massively, securing a triple kill for himself and a hard fought 10-6 victory for his team, surely boosting their confidence going into the next matches.

Random Potatoes 106 Irish Rebels

Irish Rebels:

Average K/D

Virus 8 11 5 16% 2.20
Firunien 12 11 10 16% 1.10
yourNotAlone 8 6 6 9% 1.00
Eder 16 12 11 16% 0.92
Dopey 16 10 11 15% 0.91
Viktor 8 4
6 6% 0.67
Dragz 8 6 12 9% 0.50
Superlilli 16
3 10 1% 0.30
Random Potatoes:

Average K/D

Brian 16 17 9 18% 1.89
Relaks 16 15 8 16% 1.88
PriNcelele 12 12 7 13% 1.71
Rayden 12 12 7 13% 1.71
Thorr 16 13 9 14% 1.44
Shingen 16 10 9 11% 1.11
Zoyka 16 8 10 9% 0.80
Azrud 8 5 6 3% 0.50


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