Match Preview: Week 3

It certainly takes some talent ….
Usually, there are two main criteria that create hype for a Warband match. First is the the quality of the teams, because nobody is interested in watching a stomp. The second is the stage at which said match is played, a final obviously creating more interest than a match where there is little to nothing at stake. If, Apis Europae vs Random Potatoes is happening early in the ladder stage (five weeks before the playoffs), but having the two best teams facing each other always promises an entertaining match. Remember the match-up which occurred in the Warband Masters Tour, where AE faced Random, and lost a close match. It was during the ladder stage and the story told us in the end that despite this defeat, AE would fight to win the tournament. So no matter what happens on Sunday, both teams will remain competitive for the championship title.

The bees had a walk in the park in the finals of the WMT against the Polish Eagles

It’s difficult to speak about a rivalry between the two teams because Random is fairly new, previously playing under Random Force during the Warband Master Tour but having attended no other tournament under a similar name. It would still be heresy to think that their players lack experience, because Random is pretty much a combination of KURWA and Freelancers, the only two teams capable of contesting AE for the championship title of a major tournament in the past two-three years worth of tournaments. After Random‘s match against Irish Rebels, Rayden, the team captain, stated that he was willing to face AE if they ever had the chance to pick them, and it’s pretty obvious that both teams were expecting this encounter to happen at some point anyway.

…to take down a legend
Looking at the maps, I’d give a small advantage to AE on Verloren, because it has historically been a great map for them, and I find their infantry to be stronger and more consistent overall. It’s also the map on which they beat KURWA on in the ECS2 semi-finals. Unfortunately, Scar could be missing from their roster which would make it really tough for AE, as he has been massively stepping it up for them in the last few matches. This is a chance for Gibby to truly prove himself at last. On the other hand, it could also be an opportunity for Random to swing things in their favor right off the start of the match, and if they do, it’s probably going to complicate things for AE to come back on Field by the River. Everyone remembers when Freelancers got their first champions’ title, beating AE on this precise map.

Random is looking on good form having already beaten two of the best teams in WPL2

All in all, you can expect a really close match, but more importantly, a match where the highest possible level of warband gameplay will be demonstrated, as all the players in this match-up are superstars. So even though it’s really hard to predict a winner now, it doesn’t really matter in the end. These two teams are a huge part of the reason why we can pretend having had a truly competitive scene, as they never cease to amaze and entertain us. So come sit with us and watch some Warband on Sunday evening at BladeCast_TV. There’s no way you will be disappointed by this match!

Commentated by the one and only Captain Lust! His first commentary on BladeCast!


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