Match Preview: EU Week 6
It’s been a while since Apis Europae got beaten twice in a row, especially by teams arguably weaker than them, but Deacon and his boys don’t really have this invincible aura anymore, despite last week’s win versus Fearless. Some will remember how KURWA defeated them twice out of three encounters in the ladder stage of the WNL5, yet, it didn’t prevent them from claiming the title after beating Irish Rebels in the final. With Peter fully operational again, Apis Europae just have to rely on their experience of winning tournaments. It’s what really sets them apart from the majority of the other teams. You can simply never count them out.

Apis Europae: A reputation to recapture
This WPL certainly wasn’t AE‘s easiest tournament. After a wonderful start, they absolutely dominated Random Potatoes in a very one-sided match. However, AE fell apart later on, versus Irish Rebels and Aequalitas successively, despite having had it on paper both times. Peter being benched due to connection issues certainly didn’t help them, yet, you have reason to believe that a team of this caliber would be able to do without, but AE just looked like a shadow of their former self. That being said, they were way more convincing in their match against Fearless last week, and that might be a sign they are on the road to redemption. AE have all the reasons in the world to play this match at 100%, because not only would a victory ensure them making it to the playoffs, but making it as one sided as possible could give them a better seeding coming into the playoffs. Rumors also say an old warrior is on his way back …
Peter · Scar · axL · LeRoux · Gibby
Wonwokie: All in plays
Wonwokie were one of the best teams at the beginning of this WPL, thanks to some good finishes in previous tournaments. However, being knocked-out early by Fearless in the WMT Quarter-Finals was maybe a sign that they still have a long way to go before being capable to join the ‘Elite Club’. Their WPL match results do nothing but confirm that. After two easy victories against weaker opponents, Wonwokie fell a bit short against Geese Pack – one of their main rivals at the start of the tournament. Even if they made it up by winning against Aequalitas in the week after, they couldn’t do anything to prevent Random from inflicting a very heavy lose, highlighting the team’s limits. Wonwokie also had to deal with one of their best players, Ciiges, leaving the team, but that isn’t the only reason for their struggles against the best teams. Going into the match against AE, their backs are against the wall, and even if they should qualify, they might not be satisfied with 7th or 8th place finish.
Assia · SirAleks · Khefren · Matafiks · Horace
Wonwokie have been establishing themselves as one of those teams, a bit like Irish Rebels. Having extremely consistent results in every tournament they partake in, but falling somewhat short when facing the very best teams.  Zach has been leading his boys for years now, and if you safely assume they deserve to be ranked among the five-six best teams of the tournament, it feels like they just don’t have this little something which could potentially threaten the very top teams. They’re yet to claim a major title and it is hard to see them changing that in the WPL.

Wonwokie and AE haven’t faced each other’s many times in recent tournaments, so you can’t take into account what has happened before. Even if they’re in a little slump at the moment, AE seems to be getting better, and a win this week would help regain trust and confidence for the playoffs. On Wonwokie’s side, there are lot of young talents, and a bunch of veterans to channel this energy and get something going. But will it be enough? Find out this Sunday evening on BladeCast_TV!


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