Match Preview: EU Week 5
Irish Rebels vs Geese Pack is probably one of the most anticipated match of this week, seeing two of the most dangerous teams of the WPL facing each other’s during the fifth week of the competition.

Irish Rebels had an excellent tournament so far, only dropping one match (to Random Potatoes during the second week) and sitting on a 3-1 record. Their performance is even more outstanding when you know they defeated the heavy favorite Apis Europae, last week. Coming into this match with the momentum by their side, IR certainly don’t want to stop here and are hungry for more. Especially given that a win versus Geese Pack at this stage of the competition would not only make them almost certainly qualified for the playoffs ; but also even things up in the ladder. Geese Pack are currently first, 3 points ahead of five other teams, including Irish Rebels.

Geese Pack is the only undefeated team of the WPL getting arguably the most amazing start of the tournament. They defeated all the teams which could have potentially be seen of an equivalent level at the start of the WPL, namely Wonwokies and Heroes & Inquisition and are clearly showing that they’re up for biggest challenges. Before considering facing Apis Europae or Random, one good step would certainly be to get a win over IR, giving them even more confidence to seek the title. At this point of the competition, it seems fairly obvious that Geese Pack are no here to play a minor role, but clearly aspire to remain the only undefeated team of the WPL.

One interesting fact is that Watly and Oliveran, two really important players for GP, were part of the IR squad during the WMT and surely helped the team to perform quite well throughout the whole tournament. It has been proven that IR can do fairly well without them, but it’s also important to notice that those two (Oliveran and Watly) are known to spend a lot of time analyzing their opponent’s style and their short experience in IR could very well be a decisive factor coming into this match. On the other hand, the new additions to IR‘s roster are performing on a really good level recently, Dopey standing out more than everyone else. However, IR‘s strength has always been their capacity to rely on an almost flawless teamplay rather than one or two individuals and there is no doubt it will be once again the case for this match.

Dopey · Firunien · Sebe Anchor · Pepper · Cristo
A look on the maps
This week maps are not necessarily a strong indicator of how teams are going to perform. Castellum is an interesting yet complicated map to play and adapt on and I don’t see either team being stronger on it, while Legacy Town is a NA map by nature, and even if it’s the edited version being played, it will make its really first appearance in the EU. What’s going to be the most important to my eyes is how both teams can get rid off what happened in the previous weeks and take this this match for what it really is. A new challenge, an opportunity to prove to the whole community that when most of us only consider two teams in the final equation, there are others, patiently waiting in the corner, for their time to shine.


A match with two teams of this caliber can only be casted by the bests. For this occasion, Captain Lust is joining back the casting crew of BladeCast_TV for what shall be an amazing warband match! He will be joined by the one and only Blivandefar.


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