Match Preview: NA Week 5

In the still dark cold of the night… the messenger came riding through the castle gates on his heroic steed, not stopping for anything. Thunderbeu the messenger swiftly dismounted his giant turtle, came into the Keep. He entered Lord Tito’s dining hall and handed him the sealed scroll. With urgency, Tito ripped off the red sealing wax from the scroll to unbind it. When he did this, something fell into his lap, he took what fell and lifted it in his hand and saw it was an eye, the eye of Guacamoleboy the Great; Tito’s fiercest general. Holding the eye in his left hand and reading the note in his right hand, it only said one thing: “We are coming.” …

One Eyed
First up is OE! Some people might say they are the new kids on the block, well I beg to differ. After coming off with a one-sided win over FailRats, OE is riding high and it will be up to tK to stop the train of success. With veterans like Oodle, Arys, Zach and Danate heading up their inf lineup, look for a cohesive Infantry core with good mechanics. At Cavalry look for plays from Can and his “can”cerous javs, also look for his sidekick Gorlock the Living Meme to make some plays. At ranged look for MattyIce to be making some solid shots along with the best-known warwalrus in Warband; Sotamursu. Also look for newest OE addition and DoF veteran DeathAngel to make some clutch shots in this match. Can One Eyed continue the climb and beat the Turtle knights, making them go back into their shell?
Arys · Can · Matthew · Oodle · Zach
Turtle Knights
Next up is tK! This team has a good tournament history, having won UNAC 6 and seeking to win WPL 2. tK has had a near perfect season with a very close loss to FailRats earlier in this season. tK has bounced back and took down Old last week with an impressive score. This week they face OE. With core tK Archery players like Jeffrey and Jarvis, expect a good amount of headshots and tags coming in from these two. At Cavalry we see Heat and Thunderbeu who almost always never Fail to impress. Finally, at Infantry we have Tito, Guac, Aporta, Rake and Sigi. Can tK take OEs last remaining eyeball and leave them blind this week?
Aporta · Guacc · Heat · Jeffrey9792 · Tito
tK has the Inf to match OEs, it will be very interesting to see which team can overcome the other team in a ground battle. Who will emerge victorious, eating microwaved pizza rolls and drinking grape drank? Who will be left crying in their momma’s basement after losing? Tune-in to BladeCast_TV on Sunday to find out!
…Meanwhile in the forest away from the Keep, Lord Commander Arys of the Five Armies gathered his men for the battle, preparing their weapons, notching arrows and readying themselves for the attack. The battle will soon ensue, many will die, some will bleed, Vorn’s tumors will get cut off and the cancer will probably spread. All that remains is for Arys to call for the charge. His One-Eyed men will follow him into battle and if need be into the afterlife…


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