Match Review: NA Week 5

Infantry shining on the open map…
What many people expected, finally arrived. One Eyed went to face Turtle Knights in the fifth week of the competition. And the match clearly held onto its expectations, to say the least. Things started to kick off in the first round instantly, when OE, as Sarranids, wasted no time and rushed the tower on Castellum, contesting the whole position to the tK infantry core. Unfortunately for them, the first blood was a teamkill from DeathAngel, and when tK’s cav started to join the melee, the fight quickly turned in their favor, letting only Gorlock survives the slaughter. In the second round, tK had a strong position on the middle flag, and seemed ready to receive a quite hesitant OE team but Can went on a massive rampage, picking four kills as cavalry and locking up the round for OE in less than 30 seconds. The rest of the half was a story of trade rounds, with neither team being capable of taking a clear advantage, but with good individual showings from Tito for tK and Can, once again, for OE. In the last round, OE decided to bring the fight to tK, and with Oodle and Vorn massively stepping up in that round, OE finished the first set on top, but with a small margin, 3-2.

Can seemeed absolutely unstoppable on the first map.

First round of the second set was a reverse of what happened during the first half, seeing OE rushing the tower as Rhodoks while tK quickly set-up themselves for an infantry clash. Yet again, after an intense melee fight, tK came on top, thanks to an amazing Thunderbeu, and picked-up the first round. Second round saw Jarvis getting a beautiful entry kill on DeathAngel, quickly followed by an unfortunate teamkill on Aporta, before he gets traded by Matthew leaving OE slightly stronger after this early engagement. Boosted by some typical OE confidence, Arys, Oodle and Vorn swooped down on what was left of tK, taking no prisoners and staying one round ahead of tK. On the third round, OE tried a similar approach to the first round, except that Matthew got a fantastic headshot on Aporta to unblock the situation, giving a good opportunity for Oodle & coes to rip tK apart close to market. The same market where both teams faced each other’s in the last round, with OE being clearly stronger in the infantry fight, finishing the map in a splendid fashion, 6-3.

…and cavalry on the closed
With OE up to 3 rounds and starting as Nords, arguably the best faction on Legacy Town, tK’s chances seemed poor. However, when flag spawned at the mill, down against the wall, they showed up a massive performance, with everyone from the team stepping up. Thunder, picked up an early double as cav while Jeffrey got two sick shots on his own, at a crucial moment. But it was probably Rake who had the most impact that round, slaying three OE players and bringing back momentum and confidence back to his team side. In the same manner than on Castellum when they were down to one round, OE kept pushing and challenging the whole tK team in the second round, yet this time, it didn’t quite pay off as it was Tito’s time to shine, the man picking up a triple kill, nicely helped by Heat with a double aswell. With tK keeping six players alive, they had the capacity to bring in two brigandines, making OE’s comeback even more unlikely to happen. Arys and his boys kept doing what they know best, but Tito’s team held strong and the fight seemed just too unbalanced, Oodle as a two-handed being unable to prevent them from getting a clean 3-0, making it 6-6 overall.


Last set started with both teams on the same score, but tK clearly seemed to be in the driver’s seat with the momentum back to their side. To comfort them even more, flag spawned in their favor first round. However, OE showed perfect cohesion when it mattered the most and claimed the first round. With a way stronger economy, OE seemed on point for the second round yet again, tK positioned themselves quite smartly and got the flag spawn in their favor. And unlike what we could have expected, when OE arrived to flag, tK’s infantry pushed them back, pressuring them so much that the whole infantry core of One Eyed crumbled. In the blink of an eye, Turtle Knights was back in the match and it probably was the point of no return for OE. On the third round of the last set, tK pushed OE one more time. And for the first time of the match, OE pulled back, being in a total incapacity to counter the tK’s wave. In the last round, OE tried their best to make the comeback possible, Danate and Oodle keeping the dream alive with one kill each in a 3v6 situation but eventually fell short, letting tK claims the victory, 9-7.

One Eyed 79 Turtle Knights

One Eyed:

Average K/D

Oodle / 14 10 18% 1.40
Gorlock / 12 7 16% 1.20
Vorn / 10 10 13% 1.00
Can / 10 11 13% 0.90
Matthew / 7 8 9% 0.90
Arys / 7 11 9% 0.60
DeathAngel / 6 8 8% 0.80
SotaMursu / 5 3 6% 1.70
Turtle Knights:

Average K/D

Tito / 13 10 16% 1.30
Heat / 12 6 15% 2.00
Rake / 11 2 14% 5.50
Jeffrey9792 / 11 10 14% 1.10
Thunderbeu / 10 12 13% 0.80
Guaccamoleboy / 10 13 13% 0.80
Jarvis / 5 9 6% 0.60
Aporta / 4 9 5% 0.40


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