Match Preview: NA Week 6

The group of men walked slowly through the forest. They are cold, bloodied and beaten. Lord Arys brought his men back into Castle One-Eyed after a vicious battle and close defeat at Turtle Keep. The men come seeking food and rest at their home, little do they know what awaits them today. No less did Arys get to wipe the blood from his helmet; when suddenly the young squire Gorlock came screaming and crying through the castle gates as they closed behind him. Gorlock cried, “They are coming! The Knights of the West!” As he said with an arrow in his right butt-cheek. Then Oodle stood up, wiped the blood from his blade and placed his helmet on his head. Oodle smiled, “We finish a battle and have another one waiting for us as soon as we get back? Just how I like it.” All of the men readied themselves for battle, Lord Arys hailed the gatekeeper and the gates of the castle opened slowly. The first rays of the morning sunlight shone through the opening in the gates. Perhaps this will be the last sunrise they will see?…

One Eyed… wants a second victory
OE comes into this match having had a close loss last week in one of the best matches thus far in the tournament against tK (I highly recommend watching that match!). OE wants blood and what would be sweeter than beating wK a second time in this regular season? With these maps, look for archers to play a big role, looking at DeathAngel, Matthew and SotaMursu. As always Can will be a huge component to the team’s success on his mighty steed. Look at the Infantry to have some impact on the open map, but a huge impact on the closed. With Oodle, Danate, Arys and Vorn it’s safe to say that OE has an Infantry advantage going into this match-up. Last time these teams faced off OE won on the closed map and took it 6-3, will they perform as well this week? They usually do.
Arys · Can · Matthew · Oodle · Gorlock
West Knights… wants to reassert its position
wK comes into this match with what is essentially a BYE week. They were supposed to face FFOHW, but that team did not have enough players and had to concede the match. How will this affect wK‘s play? I predict this BYE week won’t do much at all, wK always comes out strong and this will not change that. wK took a bitter and fairly close loss to OE last time and they want revenge this time. Expect all of the wK Archers to put in a lot of work this week, they will have a key role in this match. At cavalry expect Cru and the rest of the wK cav to come in with big clutch potential as well. At Infantry, it will be up to Cradoc, PPK, Cru and Kelquethas to hold off the OE infantry horde. They tied the open map last time against OE, we’ll see how things go this week. It’s safe to say that wK has a cavalry advantage and they will have to use this to seal the deal to take the win from OE.
Juve · WilySly · Cru · Cradoc · Achilles · Lagstro
Both teams have their advantages and both of these teams have something to prove this week. OE wants to send a message and beat wK a second time, proving that they are ready to claim their crown. wK wants to send a message that they are still the best, damaging OE‘s good looking record even further. A lot rides on this match, both teams have a tied record of 4-1. Who will take the edge this week and go 5-1? Who will take a possible runaway lead in the ladder? Find out this week on BladeCast_TV
…Meanwhile in the forest away from the Keep, Lord Commander Arys of the Five Armies gathered his men for the battle, preparing their weapons, notching arrows and readying themselves for the attack. The battle will soon ensue, many will die, some will bleed, Vorn’s tumors will get cut off and the cancer will probably spread. All that remains is for Arys to call for the charge. His One-Eyed men will follow him into battle and if need be into the afterlife…


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