Match Preview: EU Week 6

It’s becoming more and more complicated to find any sort of logicall team rankings in the EU scene thanks to the recent results. AE isn’t the dominant team we’re used to see performing each tournament, IR quickly ran out of momentum and fell extremely short in their last match, and even if **** and Wonwokie are more than capable to make a decent run in the playoffs, you just don’t see them winning the whole thing. With that in minds, the only teams which still have a clear shot at winning the tournament at the moment are Geese Pack and Random Potatoes. If RP were part of the heavy favorites at the beginning of the tournament, Geese Pack were left a bit behind at the start, and had the perfect chance to be picked by teams who would see them a weaker challenge than AE, IR or Random for instance. Now that they have revealed their true potential and guaranteed themselves a place in the playoffs, beating Random two weeks ahead of the playoffs would certainly be a nice bonus but nothing too worrying if they don’t.

Random Potatoes
After quite a disappointing performance in the WMT (where they went out earlier than expected in the playoffs), Random Potatoes seem to have worked on their mistakes and are ready to make the longest possible run in this WPL. During their match against Wonwokie, Rayden and Prince performed out of their minds and they will be expected to maintain the same sort of level against Geese Pack. Menethil has got the required experience and skill to lead their infantry group, and with Sifon being their latest addition, Brian and Thorr are no longer expect to be the only carries, infantry wise. Relax is on a terrifying form as of late, Shingen doing his job finely, which makes Random Potatoes more stacked than ever and a win against Geese Pack would make them look even more beyond reach.
Brian · Thorr · Rayden · Prince · Relax
Geese Pack
Just formed for the WPL, Geese Pack have been the best surprise of this tournament so far. They come into this match boosted by a very one-sided win versus Irish Rebels and defeating Random would definitely put them as the most dangerous team in the WPL. Their infantry core has been doing more than a good job recently, and it’s no big surprise when you look at the players in there. Oliveran, Anchor, Cristo, and Darklight are really on point, but they will need to be at their best if they want to challenge the Random infantry. Hopefully, they will be able to count on Pepper and Rainbow to watch their back, and with Surkan, Watly and Subzero as cavalry, it looks like they might just have enough to come on top of this confrontation.
Anchor · Cristo · Rainbow · Pepper · Surkan
With the community being in its old days, rosters are not as huge as they used to be. And lately, it seems it gives you better chances given half of the teams in the current top 8 have a roster with less than 15 players (**** and FTW being at 16). Geese Pack and Random Potatoes are no exceptions and if you follow the reasoning, it’s far from being disadvantageous. With a smaller roster, everyone get to play without messing up the team cohesion, your teamplay gets better and your team as a whole gets real synergy going.

After five weeks of intense fighting, it looks like cards have been redistributed in the EU scene. This match is the real chance for Geese Pack to assert themselves as the best team of the tournament. But what’s coming at them is certainly their biggest challenge, given Random Potatoes look deadlier than ever. Will they have what it takes or crumble under the pressure? Tune-in to BladeCast_TV on Sunday to find out!


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